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Helping you achieve super curled and feathery lashes in seconds

Innovative comb attachment

Curved apex

Ergonomic handles

Permanent lash pads

Made of high grade steel

Spray paint technology

Wider than most

Non crimping

Tired of crimped and damaged lashes? Is your eyelash curler doing more harm than good? Then The Lash Tool™ will be your new holy grail. The comb attachment will allow you to achieve curled, separated and crimp-free lashes in one simple step. We know too well the damage that generic curlers cause and having experienced lash breakage, we designed The Lash Tool so that you can achieve feathery lashes in seconds.

The Lash Tool comes packaged in an eco friendly, and sustainable pink pouch! We want you to achieve the prettiest lashes in the most sustainable way. Plastic free for the win!

All packaging is made right here in Melbourne, Australia!

INNOVATIVE COMB ATTACHMENT — guides individual lash hairs, even the shortest ones, into a fan-like, feathery curl!

CURVED APEX — accommodates for most eye shapes, including hooded eyelids

ERGONOMIC HANDLES — allow for a comfortable grip and less strain caused to your fingers! Bonus: you will never have to worry about your curler slipping from your fingers ever again . Achieve feathery lashes, without the damage!

PERMANENT LASH PADS — lash pads do not need to be replaced like generic curlers! This is a one-time purchase!

MADE OF HIGH GRADE STEEL — The Lash Tool™ is made of the highest grade steel. Fun fact: The Lash Tool™ is sturdier than most curlers on the market.

SPRAY PAINT TECHNOLOGY — the pretty pink body is a result of a new advanced painting technique that was developed just for The Lash Tool™! We know you love exclusivity, and we got you covered!

WIDER THAN MOST — the head of The Lash Tool™ was created a little wider than most curlers on the market to accommodate for most eye shapes! Ever struggle to curl those outer lashes? We got you covered!

NON-CRIMPING, NON-CLUMPING & no mascara needed to achieve feathery lashes!

Store in a cool, dry place and avoid getting The Lash Tool™ damp.

Store in complimentary pouch to avoid The Lash Tool™ from being damaged and chipped.

1. Simply place The Lash Tool™ onto your eyelid.

2. Position The Lash Tool™ at the base of your lashes.

3. Gently squeeze as you move up towards the end of your lashes.

Note: Do not apply excessive force. Fully release the handle to avoid pulling out lashes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Sophie M.

hey, I absolutely love your eyelash curler it completely transforms my eyelashes. I live with 2 sisters and occasionally it does get snatched from my makeup bag haha. But in all it is just amazing and it does not destroy my eyelashes which is so important! Thank you so much

Leyla B.
Great Product !

I Was a bit skeptical from buying from a company I never heard from but they were absolutely great and so professional. Love my new lash tool, I have hooded eyes and was always either not curling them properly or pinching my skin. With this one it helps so much and is so much safer to use! My younger sister , who is frightened of lash tools, loves using it too!

Ngoc T.
Love the comb

I love the comb because I always curl after a coat of mascara so it gets rid of the clumps. Also works on asian lashes quite well!

Jessica P.

it looks very pretty!!

Good quality

I loved the eyelash curler, it is great quality works well and the packaging was so pretty!

chloe t.

highly recommend this product!!! holds the curl so well & lasts all day long, i’ve also noticed a lot less breakage in my lashes and more growth

Kelly C.

Love it. Soooo much better than a regular curler. My lashes stay curled a lot longer and it doesn’t damage my lashes.

Hannah H.
The Lash Tool

Great Product!! Would recommend, curls the lashes without damaging them & cute design as well

Jasmin C.

This curler makes my lashes look amazing and they stay curled for hours!

So easy with great results

This curler is a game changer. I was so surprised to read that you could use it after applying mascara as well, which really sealed the deal, and it’s true! The curler really does a great job and i couldn’t recommend it more.

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How do I clean my lash tool?

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Does the lash tool work on monolid/hooded eyes?

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