About us

Who we are

Pink Cosmetics Company was founded by 21-year-old best-friends Aleyna & Anisa in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic.


They launched their flagship product, The Lash Tool ™, in March 2021 and have created one of the biggest eyelash curler shockwaves in beauty history!


Aleyna & Anisa pride themselves on innovating beauty essentials, and all things pink!

The journey so far!

We worked tirelessly on developing and bringing our brand and product ideas to life, all via Skype calls in our bedrooms, and juggling university classes!

We worked closely with our manufacturers for a year before we were finally ready to launch The Lash Tool - the world’s first pink eyelash curler with a built-in comb attachment, in March 2021.

After going viral on Instagram and Tik Tok, The Lash Tool had claimed its place as a “viral Tik Tok '' beauty product. It’s crazy to think that The Lash Tool has become such a popular trend in the beauty space, and we’re proud to be the original creators!

Within 7 months, we had moved out of our houses (after every single room was filled with all things PCC related) to our first commercial office!

We now work with some of the best entrepreneurs for all of our sourcing, marketing, and graphic design needs.

Fun fact: We work with a world renowned graphic designer who has worked with the likes of Dior, Glow Recipe and so many more!

Our values

Transparency — We always aim to be super transparent with you!

We listen to you — We aim to be a brand that listens to what you have to say! This means that we are always open to your feedback on how we can improve our products so that they are the most effective on the market! It's safe to say that we will always upgrade our products after having your feedback on board.

Eco-friendly — We, as a brand, are also super eco-conscious and try our best to implement the most eco-friendly practices! That means that we we will try our best to use either recycable, compostable or biodegradable materials, because we beleive that beauty should not cost the Earth!


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