Our story

Motivated by the need to improve, Pink Cosmetics Company was born after two childhood besties wanted to curl their lashes better. Aleyna & Anisa had identified two key issues consistent with most eyelash curlers on the market: they almost always pinched and crimped the lashes, and not one was pretty enough for two girls obsessed with pink. So, they designed The Lash Tool™ - the world's first all-pink eyelash curler with a built-in comb.   


The Lash Tool™ vs. Other Curlers

The most distinguishing feature of The Lash Tool™ (apart from the all-pink body) is the built-in comb. It's next level in the eyelash curler game. The comb prevents your lashes from collecting together and inevitably crimping, which is typical of generic lash curlers. The Lash Tool™ will separate and curl your lashes to perfection every single time. 


The Pink Promise

We spent a year perfecting the design and colour scheme so that you can achieve your pink dreams and lash goals. We made sure The Lash Tool™ is the only eyelash curler you'll ever need.


Feathery lashes are just a click away...