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hey, I absolutely love your eyelash curler it completely transforms my eyelashes. I live with 2 sisters and occasionally it does get snatched from my makeup bag haha. But in all it is just amazing and it does not destroy my eyelashes which is so important! Thank you so much

Great Product !

I Was a bit skeptical from buying from a company I never heard from but they were absolutely great and so professional. Love my new lash tool, I have hooded eyes and was always either not curling them properly or pinching my skin. With this one it helps so much and is so much safer to use! My younger sister , who is frightened of lash tools, loves using it too!

Love the comb

I love the comb because I always curl after a coat of mascara so it gets rid of the clumps. Also works on asian lashes quite well!


it looks very pretty!!

Good quality

I loved the eyelash curler, it is great quality works well and the packaging was so pretty!


highly recommend this product!!! holds the curl so well & lasts all day long, i’ve also noticed a lot less breakage in my lashes and more growth


Love it. Soooo much better than a regular curler. My lashes stay curled a lot longer and it doesn’t damage my lashes.

The Lash Tool

Great Product!! Would recommend, curls the lashes without damaging them & cute design as well


This curler makes my lashes look amazing and they stay curled for hours!

So easy with great results

This curler is a game changer. I was so surprised to read that you could use it after applying mascara as well, which really sealed the deal, and it’s true! The curler really does a great job and i couldn’t recommend it more.

Eyelash curler

Absolutely amazing 10/10 would recommend


Makes my lashes so fluffy! I’ve used cheap eyelash curlers my whole life until now and the difference is kinda crazy!! I never knew my lashes could be so fluffy and curled.

new fave tool!!

this eyelash curler is literally a game changer!! unlike my old curler which left my eyelashes curled at a 90 degree angle, this curler gave my lashes the nicest, natural looking curl ever! absolutely love it!!

Love it!

Great eyelash curler, even for those with small lashes. Easy to use plus its a cute colour :)

Pink Lash Cosmetic

Awesome product absolutely love it!!

love my eyelash curler!!

love using my new eyelash curler works well and is very durable which provides the best results 💞💞

Best eyelash curler around!!

The best thing I love about this eyelash curler is that it 100% achieves the soft and natural curl. Whereas with normal eyelash curlers you definitely can't get this look. I will be recommending this product to others for sure!

I have quite short eyelashes and the lash tool still curls my eyelashes nicely! Love it :)

It curls my eyelashes super nice and I love how it doesn’t give the bent look like normal curlers do!

Lash lift

Maybe because of my eye shape it doesn’t work as well as everyone else, BUT! I can definitely see a difference in my lash lift using this compared to others in the past!

Awesome lash tool!

I’ve been using this everyday for a while now, it’s replaced my previous lash tool! The pad hasn’t worn down at all which is a first for me. Love it!


The lash comb feature is perfect for curling your lashes on top of mascara. Great results, especially for a more natural look. Also would be such a cute gift idea! Highly recommend x


This is an amazing lash curler! It makes curling your lashes super quick and lasts forever! I also love that I can curl them with mascara without being worried about my lashes ripping out

c curls lashes

first eyelash curler to actually c curl my lashes now L curl them


Best eye lash curler I’ve ever had!!